EmbedSpace. One Storage,
For every need.
Bring all your data together at one organized place. Store any Amount of Data from anywhere Affordably. You pay as You Needed with No API request charges.
EmbedSpace is a user-friendly Cloud Storage service to store any kind of data from anywhere. Keep all your files one secure place and Share with your friends.
Durable. Secure. Fast.
Unmatched durability and availability
With reliable infrastructure, We Store all of your data redundantly across multiple availability zones.
Built-in security
Highly secure with flexible mechanisms for protection across data access, encryption and data-flow control.
Performance stays fast
Meet your demand without performance disruption that is Scalability.
Simple and Scalable.
Instantly available and allows you to Store any Amount of Data.
Keep photos, videos, drawings, recordings and more.
Well Organized,
Ease to Use
Centralize your documents, files, photos, videos, etc. on EmbedSpace and Simplify the Management, access from Anywhere. Flexible content management, even from Your apps Through EmbedSpace API's.
Share, Collaborate.
Share files, folders with friends, colleagues and family.
No more large email attachments or thumb drives — Just send a Link.
Immutable storage
High Data Durability
Multi-Level Encryption
Unlimited Storage
Fast and Reliable
Simple and Easy to Use
Pay for What You Use
No Additional Charges
Simple, flexible pricing.

Security, Performance, and Reliability
- Always included

If you only need to save a few files for easy access or sharing or you just want to try out EmbedSpace.
2 GB of encrypted storage.
10 GB Outbound Transfer.
1k Outbound Transfer Requests.
100MB Max file size.
100 Outside HTTP uploads.
1k API calls.
Pay as You Go
Pay for What you Use
Safely store and share all of your content on an Unlimited storage – all under one plan.
Unlimited encrypted storage.
Outbound Transfer 10 GB free, $0.01/GB afterwards.
Unlimited Outbound Transfer Requests.
No Max file size.
Unlimited Outside HTTP uploads.
Unlimited API calls.

Predictable pricing

The section below shows the cost of our service. Choose demand and estimate the costs.
0.01$ per GB/Month
Direct Egress
(to Internet)
0.01$ per GB
per month
1 GB
10 TB
Direct Egress to Internet
1 GB
10 TB
No Additional Charges. Read more about Pricing, Go to pricing page
Store vast amounts of content, and deliver through built-in fast edge network.
Enhanced File Browser
Upload multiple files with simple drag-and-drop, and manage all your content from a beautifully simple control panel.
Give Right Access for Right People
Share your content to your friends, family, and colleagues with access, or modify permission.
Interact via API
You can manage or, organize your own contents Programmatically with out any Limit, We'll not charge for any API requests.
Unlimited File Versions
Improves team collaboration. By preserving data while multiple people work on the same file, your team can maximize workflow efficiency.
Global Availability
Public access or expiring links will Deliver your content built-in secure edge network with cross domain security headers.
Collect Data
Let's you collect, store and analyze data in any amount from anywhere. Use HTTP requests to upload content directly to EmbedSpace. For more information read the documentation.

Ready to get started?

Create your account, and get 2 GB of space for free. If your demand is more, upgrade to Pay-as-You-Go by adding credit balance to your account.
EmbedSpace provides High Performance,
Cost Effective and Scalable Cloud Storage.
Get in touch If you have any questions or just want to say hi, please feel free to send us an email to:

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